I plant production of mobile station in full compliance with the state and the ministry of public security issued gb7258-2004 and GB21861 standards.

CA type mobile car safety testing station with fixed testing station fully functional: for axle weight 10 tons, wheelbase within 6 meters of biaxial (rear class Benz bus), three axis (single bridge driver) two shaft trailer, semi trailer truck, agricultural tricycle implement lights, exhaust, smoke, sideslip, axle load, braking, speed table, sound level safety technical performance testing, etc.


Detection method drum type

Detection state weighing dynamic type

The test range is a two-axle (rear class bus) with a axle load of 10 tons and a wheelbase of 6 meters, a three-axle, a single-drive axle and a semi-trailer truck

Test time: about 3 minutes (per vehicle)

Double working area (two vehicles can be tested at the same time)

Full hydraulic system conversion process (from driving state to testing state, completed within 30 minutes)

Ca-6 mobile motorcycle testing station


1. The square cabin (box body) with integrated safety testing instruments, which can be used in the open air and carried by the carrier car, can be moved to the destination for testing, which is convenient for people

2. The box is novel in style, reasonable in structure, elegant in appearance, durable in use, stable in system and strong in anti-interference

3. The expansion time of the box is only 10 minutes, which is easy to operate

4. It is equipped with a microcomputer room for air conditioning. The system is monitored and tested by the whole computer process and the command screen

5, can detect the motorcycle weighing, wheel deviation, braking, speed, exhaust gas and light safety items.

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