Driving school does not teach knowledge before the road novice to pay attention to
Date:2019/2/22 15:29:59

First: check the weather and plan your route

First of all, the weather conditions before going out must pay attention to, the day of travel is windy and rainy? Or the sun? These are all factors to consider when preparing for a trip.

Second: check the car condition

Is it time to get ready to go if you have chosen a route? Don't worry, there are still some things to be careful before getting on the bus! Before getting on the car first look at their own car, around the car to check whether there is abnormal vehicle. See if your tires are flat, see if your license plate is blocked by mud or something, and if you're driving at night, check that your lights are on. These problems, if they exist, will cause some unnecessary troubles on the way.

Third: adjust the seat, rearview mirror and seat belt

After getting on the car, check whether the seat and rearview mirror have been adjusted, so as to avoid the adjustment after starting to drive, which will distract the driver and cause some accidents. When adjusting the seat, the first step is to adjust the Angle of the seat and the back of the seat, so that the line of sight is not too low. At the same time, leave some space for the head, so as not to hit the top of the car when the car bumps.

Next, adjust the front and back of the seat. With the brake pedal as the standard of adjustment, after stepping on the brake pedal, if the right leg has been fully extended, so in an emergency is not able to quickly and effectively step on the brake pedal, the consequences can be imagined. If the right leg remains bent and doesn't suffer from bending, then the seat should be at the right distance.

After unrolling the rearview mirror, you can see your own body in the mirror, and the body area should not exceed 1/4 of the mirror is a reasonable range. Then, adjust the height of the external rearview mirror. In principle, observe the scene behind the car from both sides of the rearview mirror and make the distant ground plane in the center of the mirror image. However, some friends used to lower the Angle of the right rearview mirror, so as to better observe the right side of the road when reversing, which is not wrong, but the Angle should not be too low, with the distant horizon as a benchmark, the surface area should not exceed 2/3 of the mirror area is a reasonable range.

Remember to fasten your seat belt after adjusting your rearview mirror and seat Angle properly. The safety belt is the protection umbrella that guarantees the life safety of the car personnel, the editor appeals everybody here: no matter drive or ride, must fasten the safety belt! Adjust the height of your seat belt according to your height before wearing it. Don't go too high, as it's easy to tighten your neck in an emergency. Don't go too low, either. If it's too low, you may not be able to completely limit your forward thrust. After adjusting these, you can start the car.

When starting to pay attention to the brake release, one of my friends once was not fully released because of the hand brake to drive on the road and caused a lot of damage to the brake pad, this kind of unnecessary damage is completely avoidable.

The correct order is:

1. Don't rush to start after releasing the handbrake, continue to step on the foot brake.

2. Observe the surrounding environment whether there are vehicles or pedestrians, especially to pay attention to the rearview mirror to observe whether there are motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles close to the rear, to avoid a scratch or more serious accident.

If there is no motor vehicle or non-motor vehicle in the rear, you can drive normally.

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