The driving test is so difficult, how to reform it?
Date:2019/2/22 15:31:41

Why is it so hard to get a driver's license? Market supply and demand imbalance, driving test shortage of resources, the number of students high. Nowadays, car driving has changed the traditional skill of making a living and become an indispensable basic life ability in people's life. For many people, a driver's license is just what they need. But many driving schools often ignore the digestion ability for the economic benefits, with the so-called package, fast test grounds, to drum up students. To take an examination of the students can not go out, the new recruit students poured in, long-term operation at full capacity, the formation of driving test backlog "yan sehu". In the context of too many, it is easy to breed a variety of hidden rules. The backlog of driving tests has made it popular to get places, creating a business in which students have to pay the bills, either by spending time waiting in line or by spending money first.

The grey interest chain in the long road of driving test not only harms the interests of students, but also affects the fairness and credibility of driving test. More serious still, still may breed a batch of horrible "road killer". It is time to step on the accelerator of reforming the driving test.

A driver's license is a small but difficult thing to get. Since the ministry of public security revealed last year that the reform plan for driving tests will be launched in due course, people have been eagerly waiting for it. Until recently, the matter has finally made new progress: the ministry of public security said that within this year, small car drivers will carry out self-taught direct test, independent appointment test, remote test. We have to say that this is a move to comprehensively deepen the reform of the driving test, and it is also a major event concerning people's rights and interests. Loose monopoly and autonomous learning can not only force driving schools to improve teaching quality and service level, but also eliminate rent-seeking and hidden rules to the maximum extent and enhance the integrity of the examination. However, just like the reform in other fields, we should face up to and solve a series of subsequent practical problems to promote the self-taught driving test.

However, the driving test industry will change in the future, and there may be a parallel "dual system" in the driving test. First, the driving school system, through the reform, reduce the driving school access threshold, market competition will appear large driving school chain brand; The second is the socialization system. Direct driving test will be popularized by pilots, giving people more choices. Either way, we all hope that the driving test is no longer "from winter to summer, the road test did not round".

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