Look at the strict regulations on foreign driving tests
Date:2019/2/22 15:25:54

While you are still complaining about how difficult the driving test is, take a look at these foreign friends' driving test experiences and find some comfort.

Germany: only 5 chances for driving test

In Germany, there are only 5 chances to pass the driving test, and the probability of passing the driving test is less than 2/3. If they fail three tests, they are sent to take psychological tests of intelligence and judgment. If you pass the test, you have two more chances. If they fail, they are deemed unfit to drive.

In addition, to get a driver's license in Germany, you have to pass a vision test and complete an 8-hour first-aid course to learn simple first-aid knowledge such as artificial respiration, cardiac resuscitation and hemostasis. In a traffic accident in Germany, it is the duty of the driver to get out of the car and give first aid to the injured. Candidates then complete at least 14 theory classes and 12 driving lessons, including highway, federal (level 1) and night driving. The road test in the driving test takes about 45 minutes and covers most of the driving details. The invigilators are very strict.

German charge 170 euros for a driving test (RMB 1130), the general driver's license test down in training is also want to at least 1500 euros (RMB 9976), the absolute "expensive" and "trouble", on the day of the germans get driver's license, relatives and friends will celebrate for him, because the germans think under the driver's test is a major event in life.

UK: the world's most difficult driving test

As there are limits on the number of driving tests in Germany, many germans go to Britain to get their driver's license, because there are no limits on the number of driving tests in Britain. But don't get too excited. The UK boasts the toughest driving test in the world, with only 42 per cent of people passing a single test.

British media once reported that a woman in London had failed the theory test 110 times in a row. A 60-year-old woman began to take the driving test at the age of 25. She went in and out of the examination room for more than 30 times. It's hard work...

According to the description of overseas students who have taken the British road test, the British driving test includes a written test, a risk screening test and a road test. The risk screening test USES a computer to simulate driving conditions. Candidates watch a 14-minute video video shot from the driver's point of view. The driving test is only about 40 minutes long. It doesn't look complicated, but it is a hidden threat. He said, "in the road test, if the stall twice will be directly disqualified from the examination, examiners on the examinee's every action, have specific requirements, and even some demanding and excessive requirements, five or six times before passing is also very normal.

Switzerland: if you want to learn to drive, you must first get the certificate of ambulance class

To get a driver's license in Switzerland, you must take two required courses, one is ambulance and the other is sensory. Ambulance class for 10 hours, the course is mainly aimed at the first scene of the accident to the injured ambulance, requires the driver to establish a "heal the wounded and rescue the dying" humanitarian spirit, this course teaches the necessary ambulance knowledge, understand how to alarm and protect the scene of the accident, and simulation operation. Successful applicants will receive a certificate issued by the Red Cross and the driving school one week later.

The class lasted for 8 hours. The teacher explained the possible problems and solutions under different climatic conditions, road conditions and complex traffic flows through slides, pictures and videos. The teachers and students asked and answered each other with good results. The next step is to go to the driving school to find a coach for a practice class. The driving test lasts for 30 or 40 minutes, and those who have the ability to pass it once are rare.

Singapore: examiner to chat with you beware of 'falling for'

Singapore's driving test is relatively complex. First of all, each student has to go through two theoretical tests. First, the basic theory test, 50 multiple-choice questions, 5 wrong questions will fail. The content is relatively simple, mainly including some gestures and symbols. However, the difficulty of the advanced theory test will increase a lot, and the passing rate will be relatively low. Only after passing these two tests will the student obtain a temporary driver's license and be qualified to touch the steering wheel.

In Singapore, the instructors and students are one-on-one, with each student taking at least 25 two-hour lessons. And these courses are charged by the time, the price is not cheap, each class is about 400 yuan, so the cost of learning to drive alone has exceeded 10,000 yuan, dozens of classes down after you can sign up for the road test.

Road tests are usually arranged in areas with relatively heavy traffic, because these areas will have all kinds of emergencies, which can increase the difficulty of the test. The same car examiner is Singapore's local traffic police. It is reported that these examiners not only have very high requirements for driving skills, but also set many traps in the test, such as deliberately chatting with the drivers everywhere. If the examinees really get into the conversation, they will be judged as failing.

Australia: it takes at least four years to get a full license

Li, a Chinese from new south wales, Australia, just got his driver's license and has gone through a rough tetralogy. According to him, first through the vision test and knowledge of road laws and regulations of the exam, to obtain a "learning driving license," which is the L card. After that, after 120 hours of practice (including 20 hours of night walking) and 1 year of holding L card, you can apply for the road test of red P card. After getting the red P, you can go on the road alone. However, the speed limit of the red P is 90 kilometers per hour. If you exceed the speed limit, your license will be revoked immediately. After holding the red P card for one year, if there is no bad record, you can apply for the road hazard test and get the green P card. The green P license is valid for 30 months and has a speed limit of 100 kilometers per hour. Hold for 24 months, can take an examination of final driver qualification. You must pass all the tests before you can get a full license.

Australia attaches great importance to the safety of drivers. After driving for two hours, drivers must rest for 15 minutes to half an hour to prevent fatigue driving. Each stop is recorded by a recording device under the steering wheel. Without these records, drivers are fined and fined points.

Japan: the older the more expensive

To get a driver's license in Japan, you must pass a driving test administered by the Japanese public security commission. The common driver's license can be obtained from the age of 18. The test includes adaptability test, subject knowledge test and skills test. It costs a lot of money and time to get a driver's license in Japan. Generally, it costs 200,000 to 300,000 yen, which is more than 15,000 to 20,000 RMB. The cost of older people is higher.

It is precisely because Japan is very strict in issuing driver's licenses and the fees are high that some Japanese go abroad, for example, the United States to get a driver's license, and then return home to exchange for a Japanese driver's license. However, due to the narrow roads in Japanese cities, it is easy to cause accidents if one fails to pass the test. Therefore, Japanese regulations stipulate that to exchange a foreign driver's license for a Japanese driver's license, one must live in Japan for more than three months after obtaining a foreign driver's license.

Many people with foreign driver's licenses, even some old drivers, cannot pass the Japanese driving test all at once. In addition, due to the decline of elderly people's sports ability, they are more likely to have accidents while driving. In recent years, Japan has been actively promoting that the elderly should hand in their driving licenses and give certificates to those who do so, so that they can enjoy discount services provided by public transport agencies.

Cherish life and drive safely

Driving on the road is a matter of life and safety, driving school examination is to let the driver understand the rules of the road and abide by the rules, after the road to yourself and others do not cause trouble. Some countries have a low pass rate, but traffic safety comes with it. In the UK, for example, strict assessment standards have earned London the reputation of "the best city in the world in terms of transportation", and the UK also has the lowest rate of traffic accidents in the world.

In addition to those countries where it is particularly difficult to take a driving test, there are also some countries where it is easier to get a driver's license. Here, I would also like to remind those who want to take a driving test abroad to think twice and take responsibility for themselves and others, especially those who drive on the left, like Britain and Japan.

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